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About me

Toggl Web Reports

My Role | Design & Project Lead

  • Conducted user interviews and competitive analysis to understand user needs and expectations

  • Led cross-functional brainstorming and prioritization sessions

  • Created high-fidelity wireframes and prototypes

  • Collaborated with front and back end developers to ensure the feasibility of designs

  • Defined and monitored success metrics

  • Organized tasks and monitored progress of development and marketing teams


In early 2018 Toggl, a lightweight time-tracking SaaS, introduced its "Premium Plan" – the "recommended" option of a 4-tier pricing structure intended to overtake other plans as the optimal balance of cost to benefit. 


The Premium plan was designed to attract larger teams with powerful reporting features that could fuel their business growth by providing "Insights" on resource allocation, project planning, and profit margin analysis. But, it failed to gain traction with the target group, so needed a revisit. 

What We Did

After assessing many ideas for desirability and feasibility, we developed a successful multi-lateral strategy to increase the Premium Plan's perceived value. ​​

  • Propped up the Premium plan by merging in additional "power-user" features from Enterprise Plan

  • Redesigned one of the Premium reports bringing deeper business analysis

  • Ran a promotional campaign to give lower-tier subscribers access to try Premium for free

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