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My Role | UX/UI Design Lead

  • Conducted remote moderated usability testing using the low-tech Laptop Hugging method

  • Created and tested mid-fidelity prototypes for usability testing

  • Led a series of cross-functional design workshops to build a shared understanding

  • Compiled and analyzed data to support decision making

  • Promoted team collaboration by leading brainstorming sessions and design reviews

  • Created and usability tested mid-fidelity prototypes

  • Produced detailed design documentation and easy to read screen flow diagrams


Toggl time tracker's main source of revenue comes from medium-sized agencies that bill their clients by the hour. These businesses tend to hold lots of meetings, and they have to keep accurate records of the time spent in those meetings. They frequently requested a solution that would save them from manually copying data from calendar events to Toggl.

In response, Toggl released an MVP version of a local calendar integration (designed by an agency) on iOS. And a few months after this initial iOS release, we were ready to implement the feature on Android. 

What We Did

Digging into the data and user feedback about the MVP feature, I discovered that it suffered from low adoption and poor user satisfaction. At the same time, requests for calendar integration for other platforms continued to pour in. I lobbied for a deadline extension and took the opportunity to find and fix pain points with the design. These changes led to greater feature adoption on Android than on iOS and an increased star rating on Google Play. 

While conducting the user-research for this project, I also found a flaw with the original hypothesis that informed the course of later development efforts. 

About me

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