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My Role | Lead Product Designer

  • Mentored and governed the work of two summer design interns

  • Conducted generative user interviews

  • Led a series of cross-functional design workshops to build a shared understanding

  • Synthesized ideas from across the company to create low-fidelity wireframes

  • Leveraged data to prioritize projects on the development roadmap

  • Created and usability tested mid-fidelity prototypes

  • Implemented systems to support design consistency and high-fidelity design–developer handoff


When I joined UpHabit, it was a fledgling startup that had just made its public debut in the Apple Store with its lightweight CRM SaaS for personal use.


The founder had many ideas about how the product could evolve but needed guidance in achieving a product-market fit. We had about a year's worth of runway to start generating revenue or to build a large enough user base to facilitate a company sale. 

What We Did

I led our small design team in a Design Sprint to generate a shared understanding of our target users. We conducted generative user interviews, created a user persona and user journey, and led a series of workshops to innovate with the entire team and come up with our "North Star Vision." 

​We leveraged data from analytics to identify which parts of the user journey needed attention first. We started with a project to address attrition at the top of our conversion funnel, which helped increase the iOS and Android apps' "Download" > "Create account" conversion rate from ~40% to ~70%. This immediate success paved the way for a dozen other projects to support the full North Start Vision. 

About me

UpHabit Design Vision

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